Clear. Simple. Rock Solid.

Well hello there, Ms Kick Ass Coach on a mission.

You’ve been rocking this. You’ve been gathering your community, taking on clients, creating the content, making the money, and having a general fabulous time.  You’ve gone from idea to hell yeah and you’ve loved it.

You’re ready to step it up, get yourself organised, make the business bigger and better and brighter. But there is a wee cloud and that’s the tech. And the admin. And getting organised is something that you seem to go round in circles on.

Client journey? Automated funnel? Logical process flow? Standard operating procedures? Online programme delivery?

Yeah, they all sound great but they are very much not in your zone of genius.

Hello, I’m Jenn and IFL tech

My zone of genius is putting things in a logical order.

I geek out heavily on designing systems and processes that deliver creative brilliance at all the right times in all the right places.

I love to automate appropriately, without sacrificing the oh-so-important human touch.

I’m a nerd for user experience, making sure your clients are perfectly taken care of without you having to be ON IT 24/7.

This is what I do

Established businesses ready to upscale

I work with coaches and consultants who have got off the ground and are ready to do more online. Ready to take on more clients. I do this by sorting out their client journey and putting that online.

This is called “Business in a Box” and it’s a joy to see my clients go from messy DIY to clean, clear and organised online.

I love sending newsletters. I do geek out on getting systemized, organized and having FUN with it all. These are not your usual techie’s emails. These are a mix of tech, savvy business advice, encouragement and comedy.

If you want to get a feel for working with me, or just want to tuck a techie in your back pocket, then I’d love to write to you.


Newbies, the not sure and the just want to hang out for a while

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