Your creative brilliance

structured. strategic. sustainable.

All you have ever wanted is to connect with your community and create magic for them.

In your zone of genius, it’s all so easy, so much fun – you sometimes pinch yourself when you realise you’re making an income doing what you most adore.

In your zone of genius, your community are getting you at your top banana best and their success adds fuel to your creative fire.

In your zone of genius, you create effortlessly and love every dang second.

It’s a situation choc-full of win!


Time to Level up, Buttercup!

You’re doing well, but you know you can do So. Much. More.

But it’s hard holding all this alone. There’s a bazillion bits to do. You put on your systems hat and it’s a really bad fit.

You put your brilliance on the shelf for the time being, and knuckle down to the itty bitty tech.

Systems. Process flows. Configuration options.


You look for help. You get asked for a detailled list of all the tasks you want done.


Can’t you just chat to someone who GETS IT? Who knows all this online business systems stuff and can figure out what would be best for you? Which fits with your vision, your energy, your style, your clients.

Yes you can. Hello.


I’m Jenn and I’m in love with systems and processes and tech.

 My zone of genius is putting things in a logical order.

I geek out heavily on designing systems and processes that deliver creative brilliance at all the right times in all the right places.

I love to automate appropriately, without sacrificing the oh-so-important human touch.

I’m a nerd for user experience, making sure your clients are perfectly taken care of without you having to be ON IT 24/7.

Jenn really takes the time to get to know you and your business . She will challenge you to really think about what you are creating the site for. She has the knowledge and the background to know what works and what doesn’t. She is funny and approachable, and fun!

I now have a website that is truly representative of my business and am proud to direct anyone to it.

Liz Warnock

Liz Warnock Coaching

Jenn has quite literally been the answer to my prayers. I can do some basic web tech things but honestly, the stress I would feel updating my site and making sure things were working was taking the joy out of my online work. When Jenn took over the tech side… oh my goodness! Everything changed for me. I never, ever worry now. Never.

Susan Seale

Jenn is a delight to work with – she’s got the gift of communicating tech in a non-scary way. A total sweet bean! Highly recommend!

Leonie Dawson

International best-selling author + artist, million-dollar CEO, ginormous hippy and massive swear-bear.

It’s given me peace of mind and means that I can now get on with building my business. It also makes me feel less stressed knowing that I can contact Jenn when I need any techie help and it will be done quickly and efficiently.

Vix Harris

We were very pleased with the website. We were desperate for the website so we could launch our holiday letting without delay and this was delivered efficiently and competently. I love Jenn’s cheerfulness and slightly anarchic quality, and this makes working relations relaxed and honest.

Sheila Preston

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