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A wee word before you read ….

You won’t find many “how to” tech guides here because Auntie Google has a bazillion of those already.

Instead, we delve more into the bigger picture. Tech doesn’t create awesome, humans do that. The tech is here to help, and it must be used wisely. This blog will help you with that.


Client Intake

In your big dream, you’re probably signing clients at the touch of a Buy Now Button. But what if it’s a big pile of admin?! I’ve got you covered…

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Calming Tech Tools

2021 comes in with a crazy bang. Here’s the tech I’m using to help me keep a postive, calm mind and get shit done.

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Organise your files

Running your own biz create a lot of files. How do you organise these so you can find all you need superquick?

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