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A wee word before you read ….

You won’t find many “how to” tech guides here because Auntie Google has a bazillion of those already.

Instead, we delve more into the bigger picture. Tech doesn’t create awesome, humans do that. The tech is here to help, and it must be used wisely. This blog will help you with that.


How to think like a techie

There is an art to getting tech support effectively. A way that will save you time, save you money and help prevent your lappy being hurled against the wall.

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Penis enlargement.

Russian brides.

Nope, I’m not talking about my average Saturday night out.

I’m talking about SPAM. Slimey, salesy, fakey comments that you’ll find lurking in the “waiting to be approved” section of your website, even if you do have the latest filter installed.

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