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As I write from the UK, cases are rising, hospitals are filling and hearts are breaking. As I look at the USA, the anxiety rises as words from history are being uttered in the present day.

When I write, I love to make you laugh. I aim to make you feel confident and calm around the tech/process side of your business.

Fun, confidence, calmness.

Right now, in the world, these are in short supply. To publish a blog post full of jokes and (what I hope is) witticisms feels out of place right now. Some of you reading this will have been directly affected by the pandemic. Some heartbreakingly so.

Please take a long, deep, nourishing breath right now, and let it out.

The rest of this email is about the systems and process I personally am using right now to keep myself sane and productive.

I’m launching an all-you-can-eat tech support service next week and I’m writing a course to help you to look after your website yourself plus in the early stages of creating a course to show you how to build a website, hook up a newsletter and a call booker and how to set that solidly so you don’t get tech troubles in your early years.

That’s a LOT of work. (yes, I am a Type A)

To get all that done, I need a system to look after myself. I really struggle with sudden changes and I don’t like surprises.


Here are the tech tools I’m using right now to preserve some calm in my life and in my business

Down Dog Yoga (app)

So many settings & easy to use. I do 5 mins every morning. I know I need more, but these five minutes are more about establishing the habit than becoming a Bendy Wendy.

Boxx (web/app)

I’m finishing the day with a 7-minute workout. My fitness levels are nowhere near where they used to be and a daily 7-minute workout is my first step in raising these

Pomodoro Timer (web/app)

My attention span is challenging right now. My task list seems overwhelming and there are so many bits and pieces I need to remember to do. Chunking it all down into 25 minute slots is helping massively.

Digital Wellbeing (Android app)

I now have my phone set to allow me to use certain apps at certain times. Handy 5 minute override, which stops me disabling it. Can also limit how long I can use certain apps in a day, to stop me being sucked in. 

I am also immensley grateful for my WhatsApp group of school friends and my Zoom quiz nights with my festival friends.  I’d hate to be in this situation in the 90s when the internet was a toddler.

I’m also getting back to basics – eating right, making sure I get out of bed early (and subsequently sleep OK), going on long very socially distanced walks on the beach and taking photos while listening to eclectic electronica (that’s my hobby).

The world, right now, is far from ideal. But I still press onwards. Of course it affects me. I’m sensitive and have empathy and I’m not going to apologise for that. But I’m also smart and resourceful and I will always, always find an answer.

Hi I’m Jenn.

I am the love child of Marie Kondo and Caitlin Moran, if that love child was a sweary systems and process nerd.

I write about the online business world. I make it funny. Because if you’re not having fun, you may as well just get a job.

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