This week I’ve been mapping out my client intake processes. How to take someone from, “I’m interested” to signing the contract and paying the invoice.

There are a shit-tonne of courses online to help you do this.

I’ve bought some… and each one has taught me something useful. But in the end, I had to take what I learned and apply it to myself, personally.

You see, I’m a one human biz.

I have an awesome person who gives me some admin support (hey Sharon!) and a fantastic brain who gives strategic advice (hey Marianne!).

If I were setting up Hell Yeah Tech Inc, I could separate it into pure biz, leaving the life bit out.

If I were someone who could compartmentalize my life, then I could set up logical processes that ignore feelings. Because I’d need to be the kind of person who does work in this zone and then relaxes in THAT zone.

But it’s not me.

HYT is a very large part of my life. It’s not all (I do have some fenced-off areas. They mostly include knitting, photography and pretending to be a romantic author like Shelley or Byron).

Plus, I need to be really picky about who I take on as a client to work with. Because it means taking their energy into a large part of my life.

So, I asked myself, “what is the easiest way for me?

What feels the most comfortable way to tick the boxes of my priorities? What balances out the need to take on clients and earn money whilst not burning out?”

I needed to design something for myself. Using all the knowledge I gained and working with where I am NOW, not where I’d like to be.

Too much on the internet speaks to where you’d like to be. There’s not a lot that encourages you to work with what you have now and grow it gently and sustainably whilst not falling into the trap of procrastination.

Yep, it’s a balancing act alright!

And working on the mindset stuff too?

Yes, it is worthwhile but you’ve also got to take action.

Unless you can totally wait until your 100% perfect before launching anything.

(Hint, nobody ever feels “there”, even at the top. Everyone has to grapple with the mindset stuff. I’ve had people who earn multiple figures in tears over Zoom, wondering if they really can do “the thing”).

So, how do you get started taking on clients?

In your big dream, you’re probably signing clients at the touch of a Buy Now Button.

Contracts are going out automatically and the Golden Coins are dropping into your account.

Or maybe, you’re good up to a point, then it’s all a big pile of admin?!

I’ve got you covered…

  1. Don’t worry about taking payments online right now. Run Discovery Calls and if you get a “Hell Yeah”, then explain the payment schedule over the phone and send an invoice manually
  2. At the same time, send out a contract and any documents/pre work you want the client to complete. You can attach these to the email you send.
  3. Have a call booking link for people to use. You will already have this set up for your Discovery Call, it’s just a case of adding a new call type.
  4. Set yourself reminders to check that the pre-call work has been completed and returned, the invoice paid and the first call booked.
  5. For ongoing calls, after each session, send your client an email with the link to book their next call at the bottom.

What scheduler to use? OK, I usually recommend Calendly as it’s the easiest to set up, but Laura Order over at Paperbell has a great post which covers a few more systems. Read that here.

You are needed

And as a final note, I’d like to say that as a coach, you’re very much needed in the world more than ever. This pandemic has brought up a lot of emotional baggage for people, and the processing of that will be going on for years. Nobody is going to fret that you didn’t have the smoothest intake or that your website had just the right shade of pink on it. They need you and your awesome brain.

Still unsure/confuddled/got questions?

You are more than welcome to email me. There’s a form below. My inbox is open. My tech brain is available. All you need to do is send the email.

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