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Looking for an engaging and knowledgeable guest for your podcast? Hello!

I absolutely love sharing my expertise and experiences through interviews. With over a decade of being in the business world’s back end, I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge about using technology wisely and streamlining processes to simplify your business operations.

My passion lies in helping solo entrepreneurs navigate the vast landscape of technology to select and implement the best tools. From time-tested strategies to cutting-edge solutions, I’ve got you covered! Whether you’re struggling with choosing the right software, integrating automation, or need tips to optimize your tech stack, I’m here to share practical insights that can make a real difference.

If you’re searching for a dynamic workshop speaker, I’d be thrilled to collaborate. My workshops focus on demystifying tech and empowering your people to embrace its potential fully. Together, we’ll explore how to leverage technology to boost productivity, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately achieve business goals.

Let’s connect and make your podcast or workshop an insightful and memorable experience! Feel free to reach out, and let’s create something incredible together.

The Third Person Bio Bit

Jenn is an online business tech expert who works alongside solo coaches, consultants and therapists. She moves them from messy DIY to streamlined and efficient. This frees up on average 5-10 hours a week for her clients.

Jenn has 25 years experience in tech, teaching and mentoring. She’s been working online since 2011, working a range of clients worldwide, from starting out to a six figure launch.

Jenn has certificates in A+ Hardware and Software, ISEB Software Testing, Prince 2, ITILv3 Service Transition (and the foundation certificate). Plus a few of those bullshit ones big companies send you on.

The corporate world is not her favourite place as an autistic business owner. Instead, she prefers to work remotely full time, living nomadically in various locations (usually with a dog to cuddle up with).

Tech chops

I understand how the internet works, how websites work and if you want to get down and dirty with DNS, plugins, PHP, cPanel, CSS, HTML, UX and a whole heap of other technobabble I am in there.

I’ve got certificates too. A+ Hardware and Software, ISEB Software Testing, Prince 2, ITILv3 Service Transition (and the foundation certificate), plus a few of those corporate bullshit ones.

Business Chops

I have been in biz back ends since 2011 – I have witnessed authors hit bestselling lists, have million dollar launches and watched them ugly cry as they ask me if their dreams are possible.

I tend to get to the point and find a straightforward solution rather than waffle on endlessly. I like to make the complex simple. Who’s got time to fiddle with a million options?

This is what people say about me

“I was ready to quit my business”

Lotte Lane

Artist and online content creator

“I can now focus on my programmes”

I’d been trying to get around to updating my website for years and years, but I knew there were things that I couldn’t do, so no matter how often I tried I ended up getting stuck and not bothering to get the website sorted.

It was such a relief to meet the tech process whizz that is Jenn, and I now have a super simple but super slick, beautiful website that does exactly what I want it to do. I can now focus on my programmes rather than wrestling with digital widgets and thingies that would never play ball without serious sorting!

Manda Graham

“Warmth, humour and brilliant tech ability”

Jenn is extremely talented when it comes to “all things tech” yet also has the ability to translate it all to fluent human. She uses easy to understand analogies and lashings of humour. She turns tech from a topic that makes a lot of small business owners feel like a rabbit in the headlights into something straightforward and easy to understand.

Catherine Watkin

“Communicating tech in a non-scary way”

Jenn is a delight to work with – she’s got the gift of communicating tech in a non-scary way. A total sweet bean! Highly recommend!

Leonie Dawson

“I love my new website and can do most of it myself now.”

I can totally recommend Business in a Box with Jenn. It’s been amazing. I love my new website and can do most of it myself now. And I’m absolutely not a techie person. I really enjoyed the experience and having the control to make changes and play. Jenn is brilliant and I can’t recommend them enough.

Amy Metson

“Straight-forward, easy to understand”

Jenn has been a life saver! When I was lost in the fog, trying to climb a mountain of tech unknowns, feeling powerless, Jenn explained the tech-side of business in a straight-forward, easy to understand way.

Amy Garner

“I never, ever worry now. Never.”

Jenn has quite literally been the answer to my prayers. I can do some basic web tech things but honestly, the stress I would feel updating my site and making sure things were working was taking the joy out of my online work. When Jenn took over the tech side… oh my goodness! Everything changed for me.

Susan Seale

“Shit wasn’t going to go down south”

I had a cringeworthy website and Jenn changed all that for me. I love Jenn’s solidity and the fact I know shit wasn’t going to go down south.

Agnieszka Walczuk

“I can be more creative”

I used to be afraid of systems, policies and structure as I thought it would stifle my creativity. Now I really appreciate the space Jenn’s given me. I can be more creative and achieve so much more within the structure. The world needs creative systems people and Jenn is a systematic angel!

Ntathu Allen

“So lovely to hear your voice talking me through it”

I just had to shoot you a message to say THANK YOU for saving my bacon. I got myself in a pickle.

It was so lovely to hear your voice talking me through it, Jenn. It was like you were here in the room. Thank you so much! I wanted to give you a huge dollop of appreciation because you’re amazeballs.

Louise Miller

 “I have a much better understanding”

Sorting out the website felt like a daunting task. It was so great to have someone explain things in a simple way. I now have a much better understanding of how my website works. This feels great!

Lisa Pascoe

“I have a website that is truly representative of my business.”

I had a Frankenstein’s monster of a website. I wanted a site that built trust with potential clients. It needed to be easy to navigate, and to showcase the skills energy and time that I put in to becoming a transformational coach.

I can honestly say, working with Jenn was an absolute dream. Throughout the process, Jenn was at hand. She not only built my website but explained every step of the way, provided bespoke tutorials and enabled and empowered me to maintain and update the site myself.

I now have a website that is truly representative of my business and am proud to direct anyone to it.

Jenn really takes the time to get to know you and your business . She makes you feel supported and nurtured, she knows her stuff and will challenge you to really think about what you are creating the site for.

She has the knowledge and the background to know what works and what doesn’t. She is funny and approachable, and fun!

Liz Warnock

Liz Warnock Coaching

” Relaxed and honest working relations”

We were very pleased with the website. It was delivered efficiently and competently. I love Jenn’s cheerfulness and slightly anarchic quality, and this makes working relations relaxed and honest.

Sheila Preston

“Websites that just work”

I’d thoroughly recommend working with Jenn to build a website if you don’t have a lot (or any) tech knowledge but need something building that just works.

Lucy Cartwright

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