Digital Doubling

Your Sidekick in the Tech Trenches

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Tech woes got you in a twist, eh?

I get it, you dove into this business lark dreaming of long brunches and flexi-time, but instead, you’re grappling with gremlins in the machine that just won’t play ball.

Trust me, you’re not the only one who thinks tech should behave more like a well-trained pup and less like a squirrel on a sugar rush.

Get a tech-savvy mate right by your side

Imagine this instead: What if those tech snafus just… vanished? Enter Digital Doubling, more than just a service—it’s like having a tech-savvy mate right by your side.

Together, we’ll turn that tech battlefield into a well-oiled machine. With me in your corner, questions get answered pronto, problems get zapped in no time, and you’ll feel like you’ve just won the tech lottery.

Hi I’m Jenn and I will be your tech tamer today

Your go-to tech wrangler and digital strategist at Hell Yeah Tech. Armed with a boatload of IT smarts and a knack for making tech less terrifying, I’m here to help you make peace with your pixels.

My mission? To ensure your digital doodads enhance your day, not derail it.


Pricing for Peace of Mind

Here’s How We Roll with Digital Doubling:



Drop Me a Line

Contact me with a list of your tech troubles—no issue too big or small.


Quick Natter

We’ll have a brief chat to make sure I can sort out your tech tangles.


Seal the Deal

Happy with the plan? You pay and book your slot at a time that suits you.


Dive In Together

During our session, we tackle your list side by side. I’m there every step of the way, making sure we squash those bugs and streamline your systems.

Why You’ll Love Digital Doubling



Instant Fixes

Get answers and actions in real-time, no delays.


Boosted Productivity

With a tech partner, you’ll breeze through tasks faster than ever.


Grow Your Know-How

Not only do you get immediate solutions, but you’ll also pick up tips and tricks along the way.

Common Curiosities

What kinds of tech can we tackle?

Anything tech-related under the sun—from stubborn software updates to slick system setups, we’ve got it covered.

How should I prepare for our session?

Simply jot down your tech issues or aspirations beforehand, and we’ll make sure our session hits the mark!

What if I want more regular chats?

Looking for more frequent guidance? We can customize a plan that’s as flexible as your needs.

Wait, I've got a different question

And I’ll be happy to answer it. Email me on or pop over to my Contact Page