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Pickle Packs

You + Me on one tech issue. Get it sorted and done.

Pricing: £25 – £75

Digital Doubling

You + Me on multiple tech issues. Get it sorted and done.

Pricing: £175 – £475

Tech Tune-Up

An in-depth audit on your tech stack, designeed to simplyfy and streamline your biz tech.

Pricing: £375

Systems Streamlining

Working with you closely to deal with all your tech woes. Be it a new or ammended website, a new fnnel, or easy admin.

Pricing: from £350

Your Tech Maestro

Ongoing tweaks and care behind thee scenes. You rest easy knowing your tech is sorted.

Note: This is only for previous clients. If we’ve not worked togeter before, the Tech Audit woulld be our first step.

Pricing: £250 – £850

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Jenn is a delight to work with – she’s got the gift of communicating tech in a non-scary way. Highly recommend!

Leonie Dawson

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