How would you like my help to streamline your business and create a clear path to more clients and income, without faffing with tech for days?

Free of charge?

Well hello there Sweetcheeks!

Nice to meet you. My name is Back End Jenn, I run Hell Yeah Tech and I’m a total tech head in love with systems and processes.

And I’m on a mission to get coaches and consultants earning more money with more ease.

And today I would like to reach out to you, oh wonderous business owner, with an offer of help. For free. Oh yes!

First up, how many of these make you say “aw heck yeah that’s ME”?


You have that uncomfy feeling that as your business expands plates are going to be dropped, and your customers won’t be getting the care you are adamant on giving them. You know it’s time to take your successful business forward but setting up systems ain’t your number one obsession. It’s waaaaay down the list of stuff that lights you up.


You have an idea for a course or program but when you think of putting all the tech together to make it flow your eyes roll to the back of your head, and you put your ideas on the shelf for another year. I mean, box ticking is just so f’ing dull!


You are an idea machine with a million post it notes to move your business forward! HELL YEAH! But then the thought of getting wrapped up in the details just bores you senseless drains your energy right down.


Second up, how many of these have you tried?


Spending hundreds a month on tools, software and and wondering why this isn’t all coming together


Wasting time and energy trying to duck tape your business and ended up with a Frankensystem


Talking to a techie and wondering if their language is available on Google Translate


Scouting Facebook groups and getting a bazillion recommendations but no clue as to how to, yanno, actually make it all happen


Then I have some big news for you ….

What you’re doing isn’t going to work


The real problem is it doesn’t matter how many 14-day trials to the next magic unicorn app that’s going to solve all your tech troubles that you try…


If you’re the kind of person whose brain is naturally wired for big creative ideas and being the front person of your brand, then  trying to wrangle the tech side of your business can feel like attending a party at a paint drying factory. 


Snore. 😴


Not to mention that taking a week (or more) to figure all this out is a week (or more) of revenue totally lost.

Right Now, You’re Probably Stuck on One of These Three Things…

You want to clients to have a super easy time getting started with you.

Contracts, invoices, call booking, follow ups, reschedules … all that admin that happens that drags you away from helping your people and creating content .. it’s a drain and it’d be fab if you could let that go, knowing it’s all professionally taken care of and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.




You want your coaching or consulting programs to command a premium price point. You want to make sales for $3 – $10k or MORE and you want it to happen consistently, every month without ever having to wonder where your next client is coming from or operating from a place of “chasing them down”. Yuck. 




You’re working too hard in your business and you want it to be EASIER.  You’re doing all the heavy lifting yourself. You want a process and a business model that does the work for you so you can spend more time doing what you love, WHILE you get great results for your clients and customers. 


Which of those sounds more like you?

The good news is that whichever it is, I can help….…and it won’t cost you a thing. 

Here’s what happens


First, we’ll hop on Zoom or phone and talk about what’s coming up for you. 


We’ll take a look at what’s going on, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve going forward.


Once we have those “raw materials”, we’ll pinpoint the first steps towards making this streamlined.


For example, we might put more structure round your client journey


Perhaps we’ll talk about your product ideas and look at systems that will be the dream fit for what you want to achieve


Maybe we’ll end up talking about how we can make it easier for clients to say yes, pay up and get started working with you right away. 


Now wouldn’t that be something?


And like I said, there’s no charge for this…

So, why do I offer this out to the world?

I’m glad you asked that! There are two big reasons here.


First of all I’m all about the back end baby 😉 Seriously though, configuring systems to deliver ideas is totally my jam. Tech and Standard Operational Procedures are the most exciting part of a business to me. 


The second reason is really because this is how I attract my best clients.  


The reason for that is simple – some people are so blown away by the clarity they get in an hour that they ask to become a client.


And look, if that’s you, awesome!  If not, that’s totally fine too. All I ask is that you let me know how you’re getting on so we can chink glasses down the line. 


This is about helping you streamline the shit out of your business so you can make more money with more ease and take on better clients without chaining yourself to your laptop. 

When I want things to be done right, by someone who really gets our type of business and what matters most, I come to Jenn. Period.

In almost a decade of working with her (time flies!) I haven’t found anyone who brings this clear thinking about online tech, along with a wealth of understanding about what matters in your business – and that combination makes such a difference. You’re not talking to some ‘techie’, you’re talking to a trusted partner who gets it.

When Jenn is on a project, I feel one thing… Relief.

If you want someone you can trust, who can work out what is needed and take the lead on sorting the tech out so you can get your head out of the weeds… then you’ve just found them.

Marianne Cantwell

Best selling Author, TedX Speaker and Kick-Ass Founder of Free Range Humans. And a top notch business mentor. And napping pro.

But here’s the thing, This is NOT for everybody.

(Cue sad violin)

Obviously I get a lot of interest in this call and as there’s only one of me and limited time, and I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for this to make sense for us both:



🙋🏽‍1: You must be an established entrepreneur who’s already creating great results with your clients. If you’re brand new to what you do, or haven’t been making consistent sales yet, this will likely not be a great fit just yet.


(If however, you’re damn good at what you do and know that the next level of your impact and income will come down to getting your back-end streamlined and working – then let’s talk.)


🙋🏽‍2: You MUST be an action-taker who steps up by being personally responsible for following through.


If you are looking for a quick path to five figure months like tomorrow, or magic button that’s going to give you the confidence to launch, this is NOT for you.


I put a lot of care, thought and effort into my clients. Their business becomes my business, but I don’t run it all for them. I am the back end person, and for this to work my clients need to be fully onboard with taking care of being the face of the business. We work in partnership, which means both of us do the work. 


That’s it – if you meet BOTH of these requirements, we’re good.

Here’s what you need to do now

If you meet the criteria above, and you’d like to talk about getting some incredible results in your business, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Book a Time

Click below to go the booking page where you can grab whatever time works for you in the next few days.


You’ll then be redirected to fill out the short application. It’s very fast and I won’t be drilling down into itty bitty details

We talk

Our initial call will go 45-60 minutes, and it will be the BEST time you have EVER spent working on your business.
Jenn has been a life saver! When I was lost in the fog, trying to climb a mountain of tech unknowns, feeling powerless, Jenn explained the tech-side of business in a straight-forward, easy to understand way.
Amy Garner

Healer - Intuitive - Teacher at Hello Amy Garner

Jenn is a delight to work with – she’s got the gift of communicating tech in a non-scary way. A total sweet bean! Highly recommend!
Leonie Dawson

International best-selling author + artist, million-dollar CEO, ginormous hippy and massive swear-bear.

I really can’t wait to dive in!

Speak soon
Jenn x