How to put your products online

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So you’ve got your ideas down pat. You know what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to and why the heck they’d buy it. Hell Yeah Hurrah! You’re run a test project with this and ironed out all the kinks. You’re sorted. You have your product.

Now you gotta put it online.


When it comes to sorting out the tech side of a business, I see sooooooo many business owners saying stuff like this:

“I want to create a training course for sale, so I’ll go and look at Teachable, Thinkific and Kajabi”


“I’d like to send a mini course to my people, so I’ll look at Mailchimp, Mailerlite and Active Campaign”

And guess what happens? Yep, you’ve got it – confusion, overwhelm, frustration.


It’s very likely next to you, right now.

It’s a pen and paper.

Your first step, in thinking out how to get something out of your brain and into something you can give your people is to design it on paper. Forget what’s possible and what itsn’t possible with the tech. Write out your dream system.

For Example:

“I’d like people to pay some money then get a link to download an audio and save it to their computer. Then, I’d like them to get another audio a few days later, then one a week for 4 weeks.”

Or my favourite – stick humans and flowcharts. Nice, easy, quick to understand visual cue.

After you’ve got THAT fixed in your head, THEN you can go look at the tech. Keep your goals, your design in mind. And don’t get distracted by the shiney things systems can do.

Systems are there to help you deliver to your clients. That’s all. Not to be the star of the show, that’s YOU and YOUR PEOPLE.

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