I’d love to work with you (cue screaming)

Aug 4, 2022 | Automation

Today I’m writing about what you do when a client says YES!!! You hear these words:


“I’d love to work with you, how do we get started?”

Oeeeoooooh!! Great music to your ears! Cue angels floating on clouds singing the Halleluiah chorus. ?☁️? ?

You may think you can answer that questions in advance by putting it onto your website.

I’ve seen this done:

  • we sign a contract
  • and a project scope
  • and you pay a deposit
  • then I ask you to complete form ab, form aB and form Ab (WTF!)
  • I set up a folder structure for you
  • oh, and we book a call
  • and schedule the key milestones

Confession time: A version of this *might* have been on my website at some point in time. ?‍♀️

It resulted in fewer clients and for the ones who did manage to wade through? Well, they were even more stressed out and confused than when they first came to me!

Not ideal.

Now, I am not going to tell you to wing this bit. I’m not going to flap my hands vaguely in the air muttering something about admin being a mindset block.

It is not!

Serious time…

Doing client take efficiently and thoroughly is not perfectionism, it’s sensible.

And your clients will love you more for it. They come to you, confused and stressed and see you organised and efficient.

Cue relief… ?

So, what do you do??

Here’s your basic process, imagining you are a coach or a consultant

1. Send them a contract

2. Send them a scope of work (which is just “here is what I am doing for you and here is how much it costs”)

(these can be combined but I like to do them together as I often get clients come back)

3. Send them an invoice for the deposit

If you can take card payments, fab. I use Stripe integrated with Zoho Books to send invoices. If you want to keep it super duper easy, knock up a doc file in Word or Google doc, send them that and ask them to do a bank transfer.

That’s 3 things for them to do:

1. Sign contract

2. Sign scope of work

3. Pay invoice

When you have that, THEN send them any forms to complete and a link to book a call with you. ?️

The rest of the process? It’s yours, behind the scenes. Putting that onto your website just makes your clients more confused.


People come to me to solve their tech and website woes, not to hear about folder structures and checklists (although I am currently geeking out with one of my clients with checklists and it’s a joy).

People come to you to sove their problems. make it super easy on them.

Hi I’m Jenn

I work with solo & micro business owners to design, set up and support their business tech and processes. I also make it all a lot more fun than it sounds.

I come on board as your tech partner, working with you to simplfy and streamline your business. The result is a lot more headspace and a lot less overwhelm.

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