If it’s not procrastination, what is it?

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Hey! You!

Yes, you… Brilliant Coach Lady!

Do you REALISE how many people are out there RIGHT now waiting for your gifts? They’re frustrated as heck and you are THE ONE to help them?

Quick! Get your idea out of your head and onto the internet NOW! In just 48 hours you can have your offer up and be out promoting.

You’ll make money! People will love you and rave about you to all their friends! You’ll be a sensation!

What are you waiting for?

Why are you writing in that notebook?

Why are you blethering on and on to your friends about how one day “I’m gonna”?

Why are you thinking?

Don’t think… just DO!!


Ok, hands up who’s exhausted already? I know I am.

Let’s bring this down several notches.

As a coach, the chances that you’re a deep thinker are extremely high.

As a consultant, you have a lot of deep, expert knowledge and experience.

As someone who gives more than a passing shite about the outcomes your clients get, slapping something up superfast can feel very counter-intuitive.

You find yourself mulling over questions – “Will this really help them? How? How can I make this easy for them? How can I make this easy for me so that I don’t burn out, get discouraged and end up head down in a family-sized bag of crisps?”

These are ALL totally valid questions and the “Slap It Up” crew may miss these.

I’m not saying there is no place for fast action. Running a small test product, trying out an idea, figuring out if something has legs, creating fast can be useful. If you’re at the point where you do need to make money super-fast, then fast action is valid.

But fast action is not the only way.

Right now, I have two new product ideas, one set of improvements for a current product, one central back end system to configure for my own biz, PLUS client work, marketing, content creating, number tracking and trying to get enough sleep when there’s the massive worry of a global pandemic going on!

I’m spending a lot of time journaling, asking myself questions, figuring out the answers through my Bic biro and onto my Flying Tiger glittery notebooks.

And I am totally cool with that.

I have a trust fund with £3 million sitting in it. In my dreams, that is.

Let’s talk money. I have money for this month and next month and that’s it. Savings? Currently around £300.

(Does it feel uncomfortable to write those figures? Hell yeah! But I’m sick of what Kelly Diels calls the “Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand” which hints at bulging bank accounts as the norm)

Yes, I need to eat, to have shelter and generally pay my way. But I ain’t doing that at the expense of my sanity and I sure as shit ain’t doing that by slapping something up for sale with little thought of how people who buy it can get the most out of it.

There be a recipe for unhappy clients and unhappy Jenn.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want to see better quality on the internet.

I’m sick of the “promise high and deliver low”.

Of courses, products and services that are wrapped up in glittering marketing copy but that are basically vehicles for getting money into the seller’s bank account.

And if that means you need to take a little more time and care on defining your brilliance, then please don’t let anyone tell you that’s a bad thing.

Go ahead and take those long walks. Cover your floor in post-it notes. Chat to people, post on Facebook. It can totally be part of the process.

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