Keeping your Inbox Clear

by | Nov 25, 2020 | General, Tech Support

Ever had an inbox stuffed full of emails?

Yeah me too.

Ever been told to mercilessly delete emails, be ruthless, YOUR TIME IS PRECIOUS DANG IT?

Yep, also me.

Email ain’t dead yet, Cheryl!

But email is a really important communication tool. OK, sure there is instant messaging and that’s all fine and dandy but email ain’t going anywhere in a hurry. Especially if all or any of your clients are above 25 years old (ie not teenagers or 20-somethings who have yet to get their shit together. No judgement young ‘uns, I was a hot mess until I was at least 35).

So, with email being important, you have that sinking feeling. How the heck can I make sure I don’t forget anything/get round to this thing.

Keep on top of email with ease

Enter Follow Up Then.

I’ve been using this for years. What it does in a nutshell is takes away your email and reminds you about it later. Like it was a real life personal assistant.

It’s free to use. There are paid options, but the free plan gives you a lot of scope and I’ve not upgraded yet.

Here’s how I use Follow Up Then

If the Elders of the Internet have not displayed the vid, click this button to watch.

Get Follow Up Then (it’s free)

treat yourself to a free account. Clickty click the link below to go to their website.

(This isn’t an affiliate link, I just love it and want to share the headspace help with ya!)

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