Law and Order: Small Business Edition – Why Your Website Needs Legal Pages

Nov 20, 2023 | Automation, Websites

Ready to unravel the mystery of why your super cool website absolutely needs Privacy Policies and Terms of Service, without inducing a yawn? Strap in, because I’m about to make legal stuff fun!

Why a Privacy Policy?

Think of your website as the hottest club in town, and your Privacy Policy as the smooth-talking bouncer at the door. This isn’t just about following the rules—it’s your playbook for how personal data gets the VIP treatment. It tells you how to collect, use, and share information, and trust me, you need it.

With all the flashy tools like contact forms and analytics, it’s like having rock stars at your party—you’ve gotta manage them according to the law. And these laws have more mood swings than a teen with their first guitar.

Why Terms of Service?

Your Terms of Service are the club rules. They cut the drama and protect you from party crashers and drama queens alike.

Linking to other sites? Your Terms act like your very own superhero suit, guarding you against legal villains. It’s not just about keeping the law happy; it’s about creating a chill space for your visitors to hang.

Setting Up These Pages: Step-by-Step

First, hide these pages from the search engines because let’s face it, no one comes to your site for the legal jargon. Tuck them neatly in your website’s footer—important, but not headline material.

Creating Your Legal Beats

Copying someone else’s legal lyrics? Big no-no. Don’t even think about snagging a generic template from the net. Legal vibes change faster than DJ tracks at a rave, and you need to keep up.

Here’s How I Roll:

Termly – The Budget DJ Booth

Termly lets you spin up these docs for free. Think DIY—great for starters but you’ll need to update the beats yourself when the law does its dance.

Termageddon (affiliate link) – The Premium Club Experience

Termageddon is my go-to. It keeps your legal pages not just up-to-date, but ahead of the curve, giving you a heads-up before new laws drop.

It’s $119 a year, roughly £95, for a full suite that updates itself. I’ll connect you with their legal maestros, and once they tailor your setup, I’ll handle the install. Auto-updating, zero fuss. Imagine that? Legal peace of mind so you can focus on being the life of the online party. Worth every penny.

a person standing in front of a black wall with white text

Want to jazz up your website with all the right legal pages without breaking a sweat?

Let’s make it happen! Contact me, and I’ll connect you with the wizards at Termageddon who’ll tailor everything to your site’s unique vibe. Once they’ve crafted your bespoke legal script, I swoop in and handle all the techy stuff. Just like that—boom! Your site is legally buff and drama-free.

And the best part? It’s all yours for a one-off fee of £100. No fuss, no mess. So, why wait? Drop me a line and let’s get your digital house in order.

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