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Today I want to have a wee chat about those voices in your head and how they impact your tech.

I know these voices coz they’re in my head too.

They’re in the head of every human.

They cajole, criticise and sometimes praise.

But they fret about EVERYTHING!

You make yourself some breakfast. It’s early, you’re bleary-eyed. You shove a couple of slices of bread in the toaster… up pipe the voices!

“what about bloating? You know you get all puffed up if you have too much bread”.


“and you got this bread out of the supermarket and it’s not the healthiest and anyway you should be supporting your local shops. What about that lovely bakery, you should get your bread there”.

Double sigh!

As this is only breakfast, you probably just eat the toast but fix a bread free lunch later and buy a local loaf next time you’re out.

Coz you’re not going to spend loads of time stressing about one breakfast… right? You sort this kind of head stuff out with your clients all the time.

Now, let’s move onto your website…

Yeah, it’s fair to say, this will cause you more stress than breakfast!

I see this a lot when people are getting their newsletters sorted. I hear their inner voices…

“How are you going to get people onto your mailing list? You need a pop-up form. Yeah, they’re annoying but Big Ass Biz Coach has one and says they convert well and she gets loads of people onto her mailing list so let’s set one up.

And then, people turn to me and say…

“Jenn, how do I put a pop-up form onto my website?”

And I feel conflicted on the inside because I know all the bits of flashing marketing tech are just distractions when the basics aren’t even in place.

I also know that one solution doesn’t fit all. What works for Big Ass Coach might not work for you or me.

Example here from me…

I rarely use pop-ups on my website. That’s because my ideal client is on the slightly cynical side. She’s Gen X or close to it and these sorts of marketing tactics make her roll her eyes. 🙄

She’s clever too and expects more than “Buy my shit” shoved in her face! I need to engage her brain to reach her heart.

However, I do use them from time to time in conjunction with great copy.

My pop-up forms have said…

“oh, here’s the annoying pop-up” and “I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?”

My ideal clients like to laugh too, so using a pop-up with clever copy works. 😉

What NEVER works?

Shoving a pop-up onto a website without any regard to who it’s aimed at!

It’s the same for notification bars. They are great, but they are the icing, not the cake.

You got to bake the cake first.

If you’re faffing about with pop-ups and notification bars without having done the following first, you are wasting your time.

✅ Set up your newsletter account and the tech structure around it (double opt-in, thank you page, domain verification).

✅ Written a great line to compel your ideal client to get on your newsletter.

✅ Put a simple sign-up mechanism onto your website. Simple meaning you can change it without too much faff.

Do you need to set up a freebie?

No! I see too many people mithering over this!

They hold back from telling people about their newsletter because they haven’t got a freebie.

You don’t need one. You signed up to my mailing list without a freebie, right?

You don’t need a freebie/opt-in gift.

As for that great, compelling line that hits your ideal client right in the heart and makes them sign up?

That takes time to craft. It takes tweaking over time; hence you need to be able to change it easily, without faffing with tech.

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