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When you run your own show, you’re going to have a lot of files to save. And more importantly – you’re going to have to know where these are, so you can get them back in a hurry.

I’ve seen people save everything to their Desktop, then when they can’t find a file, they download a new one. The result? One clogged up slow machine and a head full of chaos.

You don’t need that chaos in your life.

So – whaddayado?

You get a folder structure.

You’ve probably seen these in the World of Corporate, along the lines of this:

folder stucture in the corporate world

The techie nerds then sort out folder permissions to make sure the right people can access the files. Like HR is only for HR people and the entire company can’t find the spreadsheet with full details of the directors’ bonuses. And start a bloody revolt.

This is easier when you’re a one person biz

You’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to go about assigning folder permissions or pissing about with any Active Directory Schemas (ahhh that was fun for me back in the day. Made your head spin without touching a single drop of vodka).

Nor do you have to set up a bazillion departments. A basic starter folder structure is this:


Here’s mine

my folder stucture

Quick guide to what’s in each folder


My yearly targets, plus anything that I can’t fit anywhere else.

Anything I might need at any point along the working with a client process.

Tax returns, books, invoices, receipts, income trackers.

My contract templates, insurance certificates, any contracts I have signed as a client.

Images, blog post snippets, Marketing processes, any reusable copy, my brand documents

Things I have created or am creating to sell. I also have sales page copy for each product saved here

Website files that I might need, screen grabs I’ve used when troubleshooting issues with my own tech. This folder, you’d be surprised to know, is pretty small (IKR?)

Any training materials I’ve bought that help me directly with my business.

Warning time – if you’re tempted to add more and more and MORE folders here, let’s just pull that in right now.

Next, do Subfolders

I like to keep the top level really clear, so I can go in and find things quickly. But each area has a lot of mini areas. Like Marketing. This is blogs, social media, my plans, my branding and more

Here’s my Marketing folder

I can find what I need, superquick.

What to name the subfolders?

There isn’t a set of standard subfolder names I can show you. It will vary according to your business. And as your business grows up, your subfolders will change. You will learn to work with what’s easiest for you.

It’s all about being able to lay your hands on the files you need without having to use up too much brain space.

How to get started

To get started with a folder structure, do this:

1. Create One folder with your biz name or initials

2. Create the Admin, Clients etc folders under that.

3. Start putting files under those folders


When you spot a need for a subfolder, create it. Remember, this is all about making your life easier. Nobody else is going to see these folder names, you can name them whatever works best for your brain.

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