I have a podcast.

It’s not what you might expect.

Hell Yeah Techcast

Ramblings about running a business called Hell Yeah Tech. Topics include “Just What the F*ck is the Point of a Website”, ”Computer Says No (Yet Again)” and “Have a Good Look at My Back End.”

Episodes don’t go on forever and ever, I refuse to use tech jargon and my aim is to get you thinking about the use of tech in your business.

You will like this podcast if …

  • You want to hear busines tech described in human terms
  • You want to have a think about the why behind your business
  • You want some gentle encouragement
  • You enjoy having a laugh
  • You like podcasts that are like listening to a friend chatter

You won’t like this podcast if …

  • You like your podcast episodes to be well ordered
  • You can’t abide swearing
  • You like your tech and biz advice to be delivered in a dry way
  • You enjoy jangly music at the start, end and even in the midle of podcasts

How to Listen to the Hell Yeah Techcast

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Putting episodes here will come soon – I need to add in the individual episodes as blog posts then tag them appropriately so that they appear here automatically.
Which is going to be a fun project for me and I actually mean that 🙂

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Well hello there honey pie! Would you class yourself as a bit of a quirky weirdo and proudly so? Do you like to chat about online business with a hard pass on the wanky “I-did-it-so-can-you” guff?

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You are 100% committed to being on my podcast and a refusal will mean I send round Phil and Grant with the big barky dogs.

JK, obvs! We have a chat first to see we gel OK, sort out our subject matter then when we’re ready, I hit record. It’s all very loosey goosey and easy.

You do not need a massive audience. You do not need to be experienced at this. You do not need to be perfect.

You & I will gel if….

You believe in science, vaccines and climate change. You are happy to wear a mask, social distance and use hand sanitizer.

You know that trans women are woman, trans men are men and non binary is valid

You believe everyone has the right to love who they love, and that consent is where it’s at

You’re done with rampant capitalism

You believe it’s high time the patriarchy was dismantled

You say Black Lives Matter

You & I are unlikely to gel if…

You think covid can be cured with alternative medicine, vaccines are a plot and climate change is made up

You believe the physical body you are born with defines you

You think this LGTBQIA* stuff has gone far enough thanks

You see socialism as an utter evil

You believe men and women are equal now, so what’s the fuss?

You say All Lives Matter

All good? Then pop in your deets below and we’ll get this show on the road!

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