The Tech Tune-Up Toolkit

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Feeling tech-tangled, are we?

Oh, I hear you loud and clear! You kicked off this adventure aiming for skies painted with freedom and flexibility, but here you are, wrestling with tech gremlins that just won’t quit. Let’s get you out of those knots.

Get a tech-savvy mate right by your side

Now, picture this instead: Your tech just… works. Like magic, but better because it’s real. You’re spending your days doing what you adore, confident that your digital doohickeys are humming happily in the background.

That’s your business running smoothly, and your tech worries? Zapped!

Hiya, I’m Jenn—your tech-whisperer

With a hearty blend of corporate IT wizardry and a sprinkle of solo business savvy, I’ve been untangling tech spaghetti for folks like you for over a decade. I’m all about ditching the tech tantrums and turning your digital chaos into a calm, collected chorus of clicks.

My mission? To ensure your digital doodads enhance your day, not derail it.


Step right up for the Tech Tune-Up Toolkit

It’s not just a service; it’s your gateway to clarity. We kick off with a nifty tech audit, then a cosy 90-minute chat to suss out the gremlins and sketch out a battle plan. Finally, I’ll hand you a bespoke action plan that’s as easy to follow as a pie recipe.

Here’s the scoop on the Tech Tune-Up Toolkit


Take Back the Reins

We’ll tidy up your tech to make sure it’s doing what it should, not running amok!


Speedy Spruce-ups

I’ll pinpoint the quick fixes that’ll give your efficiency a lovely little lift from the get-go.


Grow Gracefully

We’ll plot a course for your tech that grows right alongside your blooming business.

Pricing for Peace of Mind

Common Curiosities

What if I know zilch about tech?

No frets! I’m here to make tech as friendly as a cuppa. I’ll guide you through each step and keep things jargon-free

How quick can I see a change?

You’ll spot some shiny improvements straight after our chat. As you tick off tasks from the action plan, you’ll see your digital world start to sparkle

What if I need more help later on?

I’ve got your back with ongoing support that’s as tailored as your favourite jacket. Just holler, and I’ll be there

Wait, I've got a different question

And I’ll be happy to answer it. Email me on or pop over to my Contact Page