This may come as a surprise, but I’m soooo over tech

by | Jul 7, 2021 | General

I could not give a sh*t about tech!

This may come as a surprise if you’ve not been around me too long but I think most tech gubbins is (are?) massively overrated and waaay over-egged!

Example time…


Not his real name. Well, Ryan is the real name of people called Ryan but the Ryan I’m writing about here isn’t actually called Ryan (now I’ve written Ryan too much and this piece of writing will look like SEO keyword stuffing… but onwards).

Ryan was starting his own gig. He’s a tech support guy, very smart and knows a heckofalot about how computers work, how the internet functions and he can wax unlyrical on software. He often bores girls at parties with it!

Yeah, I’m being snarly here but before you write me off as an embittered Karen Bitch, how about I tell you, Ryan has a bit of an ego on him and a tiny empathy capacity?

He’s already f*cked over several of his colleagues, toadied to the boss as much as he can and stolen the credit for many an idea! 😠

Ryan thinks to run a biz as a tech consultant, all he has to do is wow everyone with his Massive Brain of Tech Knowledge.

The thing is, a lot of people running their own show could not care less! All they want to do is get this service onto the internet, have it so people can buy it and run it easily without having to wrestle with the laptop day in, day out.

Ryan doesn’t work this way. Ryan gets people onto a sales call and he talks at them…

🙄 uses all the Acronyms

🤨 all the Big words

🥱 all the Jargon

Coz he’s keen to show you how technically brilliant he is!

Because then you’ll hire him.

But you don’t…

Coz you’re just even more confuddled and overwhelmed!

Or… you do hire him and it’s not the world’s best experience but hey, it gets something out the door even though it’s not quite what you wanted and/or it’s cost you more than you budgeted for!

I could not give a sh*t about Ryan or tech!

Ryan also dislikes me so obvs; I cry myself to sleep every night.* 😴😏

*some… or in fact, all of this, may be a lie! 🤭

I give a sh*t about getting stuff done in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

I give a sh*t about making sure that what you’re doing is taking you firmly towards your goals.

I give a sh*t about you feeling in control of your business tech 💪 not handing it over to some patriarchal bull-crepe merchant who’s going to tell you the 21st century equivalent of “don’t you worry your pretty little head about it darling”. 🤦‍♀️🤢

So! If you’re ready to get your Biz Tech Ducks in a row, hit me up.

I’ll work with you to get the right tech to support you and your direction.

Also, we can have a giggle at all the Patriarchal Nonsense that’s held women and non-men back for FAR TOO LONG!

⏰ It’s time…

🦶 Step into it…

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