We need to have a SERIOUS talk about Fiverr…

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“Oh, you can just get someone on Fiverr to do that.”

We need to have a SERIOUS talk about Fiverr…

First up…

I am in no way anti Fiverr. I’ve used it myself and it’s fine as long as you use it correctly.

What boils my goat is when this happens:

You’re part of a group programme. It’s women in business (it’s rarely womxn or femme identifying humans, but hey!). It’s really helping you develop your biz ideas and position them properly. It’s helping you to identify your pitch, your market and helping you get the confidence to launch this thing.

So far, so good… right?

Right. 👍

These programmes are HUGELY valuable and I’ve used a few myself.

Then it comes to putting it up online. The nuts-and-bolts detail. The tech.

You ask your coach about doing that.

“Oh, babes”, they say “you can just get someone on Fivrr to create a sales page, a website, a client funnel for you”.

Let’s press the pause button here… ⏸️

Stop… ✋

It’s now quiet… Total silence… 🤫

It’s only you and I here.

You cannot pass the tech set up of your biz, wholesale, to someone on Fiverr.

Fiverr does not work best like that.

Fiverr works best when you have a tiny task that you need doing. You know exactly what this task is. You could do it yourself but it’d take time and headspace you don’t have. So, you get someone off Fiverr. Great!

Far too often I’ve seen biz coaches dismiss the whole tech side as an inconvenience that you should spend extraordinarily little on. They flap their hands about as if to wave away this pesky fly.

What this creates is a bunch of new biz owners who believe that they either need to spend next to nothing or take out a second mortgage on their left kidney in order to have the jaw droppingly gorge website of their biz coach.

At its worst, it’s the inference that you can pay peanuts 🥜 to minions to support your biz dreams. 💭

That, my clued up, wise one is exploitative as you know.

When it doesn’t work out that way the community of “Queens” will tell you that you’ve been scammed by Fiverr and hey you don’t really need a solid online presence (cue internal screaming) 🙈

So, what do you do when you ARE clear on what you offer, who you offer it to and why they would buy it?

Your options are NOT limited to…

1) Fiverr

2) Expensive web designer who will charge £5k+

I have something. It’s for the more established coach who has been DIY’ing her website and she’s not quite happy with it. She’s not showing off her website because it’s all a bit too shonky. And the idea of sitting down and tacking All. That. Tech. makes her want to ugly-cry.

🎁 Take a look at Biz in a Box. 🎁

It puts your biz online and hooks up all the tech you need to get it running smoothly.

It works like this:

1) You and I go into your biz in detail (I’m often told this part is hugely valuable on its own for the clarity it brings)

2) I translate that online and put it up there for you

3) We tweak it together until it’s…

✅ Clean

✅ Clear

✅ Pro

4) I hand it over to you so you can run it yourself (or I can handover to your VA)

And if you want more support? We can look at that but let’s business date for a bit before we get business married. 💍 (not that you’re not a sexy pants and all that! 😉)

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