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Ever had a website overhaul? Or set up your own corner of the internet from scratch? Stared at your different packages, written (and then deleted) your about page fifty times, tried to put yourself in the shoes of your fave client in the world ever and wondered where on earth to begin?

I know the feeling. You might have noticed I’ve had a tidy up round here, virtually speaking. HYTHQ (Hell Yeah Tech HQ, gotta love an acronym) has had a bit of a makeover.

Of course, this kinda thing doesn’t just happen overnight. Websites don’t build themselves, or geeks like me wouldn’t be needed in this world (and what a dull place it would be). So I spent a fair bit of time figuring out exactly what changes I wanted to make to my site.

How? Simple – I put myself in the shoes of my dream client, put my thinking hat on, and donned my tech ray specs.

(I’ll be honest, it was a weird outfit.)

I thought about my client coming to my site and what she might like to see. She’s fed up to the back gills and beyond of techie guff. She’s nervous about asking from something she doesn’t understand. What could I do to make her life easier?

And there’s one thing you might be surprised to know I didn’t waste time thinking about at all. It’s something that loads of people ask me about, and in fact comes hiiiigh up on the list of so many of us biz owners, when thinking about how to tidy up our online homes. The question is this:


Now I’m not saying that something that looks good isn’t going to work. I didn’t get my new pics taken when I’d just rolled out of bed. I’m all for sharing and vulnerability, but I have my limits. Bed Hair is one of them.

But when it comes down to it, my biz is all about your biz. What matters to me isn’t that your website’s eligible for “Internet’s cutest website” award. (Hell, what’s “in” and what’s “out” in the world of web design changes almost as fast as actual fashion, these days.)

What matters to me is that your clients can connect with YOU. Find out who you are, squeal with glee at the services you can offer them, and drop you a message saying “How can I pay you?”. Quickly and easily.


So I don’t spend time wondering about whether the title of my site would be better in a sliiiightly different shade of blue. Or whether I needed to redesign the logo or move the sidebar two degrees to the left.

If this kind of stuff has had you going round in circles for days on end, tearing your hair out, then fear not. You don’t have to spend any more brain cells making the font two sizes bigger. Or smaller. Or something.

Nope, instead of worrying about that malarkey, I thought about someone visiting my site – in other words, YOU. I thought about the kind of stuff you might need help with – that my people tell me time and time again is driving them bonkers in their biz.

And then I thought about how I could show you how I can make those sticky tech conundrums melt away. I thought about how to organise my services so they’d be helpful, and how to lay out the site so the stuff you want’s easy to find. And then I checked and triple-checked that everything worked – links, sign-up forms, the whole shebang.

Because what makes my site beautiful is that it helps me to connect with you.

So think about that next time you’re sprucing up your own virtual palace. It doesn’t matter if your site’s beautiful. Your clients aren’t paying you to have a fancy website.

They’re paying you for your vision, your passion, because you care.


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