You don’t need any old website.

You need to do business online. Without being mired in tech wars.

Website Set up with a premium theme

Your website installed securely, with a premium theme, looking clean, clear and pro. Optimised for mobile included.

Business Email & Contact Form

Your business email set up for you and contact form added to the website. Your audience can contact you from the get go.

Newsletter and Appointment Calendar

Let your potential clients get a taste of you before they buy – they can book a discovery call and sign up for your newsletter.

It’s time you took on more clients.

You’re one smart cookie and you’ve been living with this business for a while. You know what you’re selling and you’re ready to reach more people.

It’s just the website’s a bit shonky. And tacking tech is as much fun as being stabbed with hot forks. But it’s got to be done, so you fire up the laptop and dive into the arms of Auntie Google.

The trouble is, being chained to the laptop is your idea of a perfect hell. You have tried tackling the tech, but your brain just doesn’t work that way. You spend all day fiddling about online to end up with one button on a page. Big deal.

You feel crushed, stupid, annoyed and 100% pissed off. Wondering if you’re doomed to stay small forever.

There is an answer and it’s not going to destroy your sanity. (hoo-f’ing ray!)

Say Hi to Online Business in a Box

If you’ve been procrastinating about your website, this is just the thing to get you set up now.

You get a simple, clean and pro looking website set up properly (that isn’t going to fall over at 3am).

You get your business email address set up (so you don’t look like a scam outfit).

You get your newsletter and call booking running on autopilot (so potential clients can get a taste of you right away).

But that’s not all.

You also get fuly trained in how to manage your tech home yourself. You can tweak and change to your heart’s content without sacrificing your sanity.

The result? You become your own website guru. No more hours spent with Auntie Google and Uncle Facebook. No more searching for someone to help, wondering how long it’s going to take, how much it’s going to cost and if it’s really going to work.

I can totally recommend Business in a Box with Jenn. I’ve just finished working with them and it’s been amazing. I love my new website and can do most of it myself now. And I’m absolutely not a techie person. I really enjoyed the experience and having the control to make changes and play. Jenn is brilliant and I can’t recommend them enough.

Amy Metson

Amy Metson Coaching & Development

I had a cringeworthy website and no email address. Jenn changed all that for me. I love the fact I know shit wasn’t going to go down south.

Agnieszka Walczuk


About Jenn

I’ve had my hands in business back ends for nearly 10 years. Plus I had 15 years in Big Ass Corporate IT before that.

I’m not into pretty websites. In the early days, an online prescence that flows matters more than having juuuuust the right shade of pink.

I’m into making your website flow logically, making it super easy for your potential clients to get in touch. making it so your clients can say “hot diggity I’m IN!” and find the button to get to you that actually works.

I’m into making sure youare able to tweak your website quickly and easily, so you don’t have to tear your hair out battling techie beasts when you should be rocking the shoot out of growing this online business.

Jenn is a delight to work with – she’s got the gift of communicating tech in a non-scary way. A total sweet bean! Highly recommend!

Leonie Dawson

The Details

This is a WordPress website, with the Divi theme installed for you (saving you money on that annual payment). The website is then laid out according to the style chosen by you from a pre-defined selection.

You will also have your call booking link set up on the website, so that your potentials clients can book a discovery call easily.

You will also have the newsletter sign up form put onto your site and hooked up to your mailing system. You can gather subscribers without any faff.

You will also have your business email address set up for you and a contact form added to your website, so that the world can get in touch easily.


Premium Theme

Divi theme installed for life


Business email and Contact Form

Business email address and contact form on your website.


Book Client Calls

Clients can book with you right away.


Sign up form on your website

Newsletter sign up form added to the site.

And that’s not all

You get training on how to make changes yourself – so you can tweak to your heart’s content without having to call on a techie or trawl Google for hours.

Support is delivered mainly via email and personalised video training. But if you get super stuck, we can hop on a quick call.  I’m here to make you into the hero of your website.

I’d thoroughly recommend working with Jenn to build a website if you don’t have a lot (or any) tech knowledge but need something building that just works.

Lucy Cartwright

Jenn has been a life saver! When I was lost in the fog, trying to climb a mountain of tech unknowns, feeling powerless, Jenn explained the tech-side of business in a straight-forward, easy to understand way.

Amy Garner

Questions and Answers

Do you offer split payments?

Yes, and these will be discussed with you before going ahead.

Can I pay in USD or Euros?

Yes, you can pay in whatever currency you like, as long as it’s a legit one. I don’t accept Skill Swaps, Exposure or Promises.

I've had a go at my site but it's pants. Can you help?

That’s really common and yes I can. I have yet to meet anyone who loves their first website. We can totally redo it. Plus, we can redo it behind the scenes and pop up your new site when it’s ready.

Will you help me choose my brand colours and fonts?

This isn’t a branding package, so although I can give you a steer, I won’t be working with you to find the juuust the right colours and fonts that convey your brand.

Former clients already have a fair idea of the colours and fonts they want. However, they’re not at the stage of nailing down their brand completely and need to keep it flexible. Launching and getting more clients is their focus.

I’ll be showing you how you can change your fonts and colours so that if you decide you want to tweak your style in future, that’s do-able.

Do you do Wix/Squarespace sites? And can I use a different theme?

Nope, sorry. This is Divi and WordPress only.

Will I need to learn coding or any other boring and complicated stuff?

Hell no! The Divi theme is super easy to use. If you can use things like Canva, if you can write a blog post and if you can use social media, you’ll be fine with Divi.

Do I need to buy domain and hosting (and what actually ARE these things?)

Think of your website as a shop. You have the name above the door and you have the building you sell things from. Your domain is the name above the door, the hosting is the building your shop is in.

Hosting is basically a bunch of top-notch computers that are fully looked after. In theory, you could put your website onto your own computer (and back in the day, people used to do this) but you’d need to keep that computer on all the time and make sure it doesn’t break. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

If you don’t already have a domain and hosting I can guide you through buying these. As a guide, the cost will be around £100 for 12 months but this can vary so if needs be I’ll go through that with you.

Do I get that SSL/green padlock thing?

A lot of hosting companies provice a free SSL certificate. If your hosting provider doesn’t supply free SSL certificates you will need to buy one (budget around £50 for 12 months).

Either way, I’ll set this up for you so your green padlock shows up. Phew.

Will you write all the pages for me?

No. I’m not a copywriter. I’m a good writer, but I’m not a copywriter. If you do need copy written from scratch, I can put you in touch with top notch copywriters.

That said, I do have writing prompts on the templates that you can use to smash through the blank page.

Will you get all the images for me?

I can help, but you’d need to choose the images. I can point you in the direction of free and low cost images. You will also be shown how to change the images. A lot of my clients do like to make tweaks to their sites as their businesses grow and develop, so switching out images is a great skill to have in your tech toolset.

What if I get hacked/the site loads slower than a snail on prozac/it gets full of spam comments?

It’s fine – I’m setting up security, anti-spam and speed optimisation on your site. This is where a lot of those 1-Click installs fall down.

Plus, I’ll be showing you all you need to do to keep your site safe and speedy in just 5 minutes a week.

What if I get stuck? I really hate tech and it confuses the hell out of me.

I’ve got your back. You get trained in your own website, plus support AFTER the delivery of the site. You’re not just cast out to sea.

Think of Business in a Box as part done for you, part course. Or like a tech course that’s actually not a total pain, where the tricky bits get done for you.

That said, if you are the kind of person who never, ever wants to touch their website again and would rather hire someone else to change it, let me know early on. We can make changes to the ongoing support where I train your VA rather than you, or you can take up one of my maintenance packages where all the changes are made for you.

How do I get started?

First of all, I ask you to complete a form which will ask you a set of questions which help me to decide if this might be right for you.

If Business in a Box is going to be helpful for you, we have a chat to check this is 100% right for you and I will answer any questions you have.

I have another question

Great! I’d love to answer it. drop me an email on, or use my Contact Form or bung it over on Facebook.

Apply for Business in a Box

As this is a bespoke service where we work very closely together, I need to ensure this is a great fit for us both.

Once I have your completed form, I will be in touch to arrange a time to discuss your project in detail.

For Audio or Video responses:

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