Summon Your Tech Maestro

Wave Goodbye to Tech Tantrums – for good.

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Fed up with tech tantrums?

You’re definitely not the only one. Picture this: you embarked on this solo business adventure dreaming of flexibility and coffee shop workdays, only to find yourself wrestling with rebellious routers and sulky software.

But what if it didn’t have to be like this?

Imagine a blissful business life where your tech just… behaves. That’s where the Your Tech Maestro waltzes in. It’s like having your own tech wizard, tucked in your pocket, ready to smooth out those digital wrinkles before you even know they’re there.

Here’s the skinny on what you’ll get



Monthly Tech Check-Ins

Because little natters can prevent big blunders


Quarterly Deep Dives

We’ll poke around the digital nooks and crannies to keep everything ticking along nicely.


Proactive Tweaks and Upgrades

Keeping your tech up-to-date and up to scratch.

Hi, I’m Jenn—your friendly neighbourhood tech tamer.

Armed with a cheeky smile and a decade of tech wrangling skills, I’m all about turning your tech turmoil into tranquility. I’m not just here to fix things; I’m here to make them a breeze so you can focus on what really lights you up.

So, what’s cooking with Your Tech Maestro? It’s a dandy little arrangement crafted for folks who’ve danced with me before and are keen to keep their tech on the straight and narrow. We’ll check in monthly, review your systems each quarter, and tweak things as needed. And the best part? No tech surprises on my watch.


Thinking about the dosh?

Why should you entrust your tech to me?

Well, you need more than just a techie. You need someone who gets the whole shebang—someone who sees the big picture and understands that your business is about more than just bits and bytes. I’m here to ensure your tech setup helps you live your best business life, stress-free and smooth. 


No More Tech Headaches

Spend your energy where it matters—not on wrestling with wiry woes.


Future-Proof Your Biz

Tech that grows with you, bending and flexing to fit your future plans.


Sleep Easy

Knowing your digital ducks are in a row and your business backbone is solid as a rock.

Pondering some questions? Let’s sort those out

What if I have a tech meltdown at midnight?

While I’m all for burning the midnight oil, this gig sticks to the daylight hours. But don’t fret—I’m all about prevention, so those midnight meltdowns should become nought but a distant memory.

Can I tailor the support I get?

Absolutely! This isn’t off-the-rack; it’s bespoke, darling. We’ll stitch it to fit just right.

Wait, I've got a different question

And I’ll be happy to answer it. Email me on or pop over to my Contact Page