It’s your show now!

You have a big, bold, beautiful business and a desire to take it further.

There’s just this tech guff in the way ….

You know that running a business involves more than an idea. The puffy rainbows and glittery unicorns of entrepreneurship fade into the background and the tech stuff starts to creep in.

Tasks become overwhelming and paralysing. Setting up an opt in, configuring email, scheduling clients, and developing systems keep sinking to the bottom of your to-do list.

You’re dang smart though, so you pull on your Big Smartie Pants and give the tech a go. That’s what Google is there for, right?

So you spend a few hours online, watching a parade of tutorials. Oh great, each one is more boring and confusing than the last.

You get overwhelmed with all the information that always seems to be changing. You end up with brain freeze and a desire to hurl your laptop out of the window.

Woah there Pickle!

What if there was someone that understood the challenges of setting up as a one person business and knew that underneath all of your creative chaos is a brilliant idea that just needs a bit of organisation and guidance?

What if that someone was your ally, your champion of tech?

Look no further. I am your Someone and this is where you need to be. I’m Jenn. Nice to finally meet you.

My mission on earth is to empower humans to tackle the tech stuff that holds them back.  

It’s time to help more people, make more money and have more free time.


Jenn has been a life saver! Since working with her, I’ve felt incredible peace of mind. It’s like having your own IT department – leaving me to do the work I love, while knowing everything tech is in order.

Amy Garner

Hello Amy Garner

How I got here

I used to work in Corporate IT and I wasn’t one of the uber tech nerds. I went between the end users and the IT department, so spent a lot of my time translating the jargon into human language. I would often get very confused myself! I knew how it felt to sit in a meeting with everyone else nodding sagely while I had a plethora of questions in my head. I felt stupid and embarrassed.

I ran screaming from the building to set up my own business because that was much cheaper than the therapy I’d need to stay in the corporate world. I joined a group of people like me, starting their business online.

When it came to the “set up a simple website, start a mailing list and shove an offer online with a buy button”, I was in my element. I was designing process flows, automation sequences and fun marketing activities with an ear to ear grin.

But others were really struggling, spirits crushed. I saw super smart people wondering if they really could do this. Shoulders slumped, they started to move their ideas into the “not for me” pile.

I couldn’t stand for that! I decided I could  help people get over that tech hump and get selling.

And so, Hell Yeah Tech was born. In a bar in Krakow, Poland, to be precise (more on that story another time)