A note on “we”

When I say “we”, I’m not pretending I’m a huge business with a team behind me. It’s just me and my part time assistant, Super Sharon. “We” means me, Sharon, all my clients past and present plus all my penpals (that’s newsletter subscribers in dullspeak).


  • We have been through shite and come out scarred, but laughing. (So we’re often not younger than 40).
  • We value diversity, we believe BLM, love is love, trans women are women and trans men are men, non-binary is valid, the patriarchy is shite and so is capitalism.
  • We listen, we laugh a lot, and we don’t let each other get too caught up in feeling blue.
  • We are open about our shadow sides.
  • We eye roll at stereotypes like “Make 6 figures from your toilet seat”, “Jungle Jesus” and “Goddess Queen Boss Babe”. Bletch.
  • We are DONE with Attack of the Marie 2D2 Clones.
  • We’re not perfect and we don’t try to pretend we are. We burp, and we have fat on our bodies, wrinkly bits and bad hair.
  • We understand and accept the concept of privilege.
  • We’re often neurodiverse and/or LGBTQIA.
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