The Golden Utopia of the Clockwork Business

“I want to automate it all. I want my business to run like clockwork so I can do what I’m best at”

❓ Sound familiar?

❓ Head nodding?

Running a business involves boring and sucky stuff like admin and legal stuff and invoices and receipts and scheduling and tech support.

If you’ve been running your own show for more than five minutes, you’ll have realised this.

It’s not all “follow your heart and the money will come”.

More like, follow me down a dark alley to this big pile of admin (cue screaming!).

The “easy crew” who promise a “five-step formula” to riches, forget to mention that bit.

I’ve been at this for 10 years and I have yet to find that golden, shortcut.

In reality, there are 3 stops on the path to the Utopia of a Clockwork Business.

1. Do it yourself. Yes, there will be slip-ups but this works if you:

a) don’t have many clients (up to 10 is average)

b) can think pretty fast on your feet

c) don’t fall into the perfectionism and beating yourself up trap

This is what people do at the start… it’s FINE.

I want to tell you now that if you’ve sent an invoice with the wrong details, had to reschedule a call coz you forgot to update your calendar or sent an email without the files attached then you are totally normal.

When you get more clients, you move to stage 2.

2. Hire a VA (Virtual Assistant). This works really well if you:

a) have a clear idea of how your business works (doesn’t have to be 20/20 exact)

b) are comfortable being a little vulnerable. Your assistant sees the unshiny, back end

c) actually, make enough money to pay them OR are willing to accept that they can only do so much within your budget.

A VA is not your business strategist or your therapist or a magical unicorn 🦄 who can take over your business decisions.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, I need a VA” and you’re not reasonably clear on what you want them to do, it ain’t going to be fun!

3. Automate with systems… Golden Utopia Time! 🌟

A lot of people want to go there WAAAAY too early!

They sink a heck of a lot of time and money into the super smooth All-In-One software that’s going to pump golden coins directly into the bank.

And they DO!!

It really works!!

They can be AMAZING…

But, here’s the kicker…

Systems only work if you already know exactly what you want them to do.

You see, tech is Dumb as Fuck! It’ll do exactly what you tell it to, which isn’t always what you actually want it to do!

You thought it was hard to get your kid to go to their room, get changed, bring their homework downstairs? That’s easy peasy compared to tech!

So, what’s the moral of this tale?

🔄 You need to be clear on how your business runs!

If you find yourself going…

Oh, I’m so stupid, I don’t get this tech

It might not be you.

The tech can only help you if you’re clear on HOW.

So… how do you get clear on the how?

How do you know how to run your business? (can I get more “how” in here?)

By running your business, yourself. 💡

Keeping it simple… Keeping it Solid.

✅ Clear website

✅ Clear offer

✅ Contact/Enquiry Form


✅ Disco Call Booking Link*

(*Disco call is what I call Discovery Calls because I like to laugh when working)

✅ Contract

✅ Invoice

✅ Receipt

✅ Client Tracker

✅ Mailing List with a Free Thing*

(if you have one. I don’t. You don’t need a free thing. If you have one, that you know is useful, then no worries, use it but you have to spend for-fucking-ever trying to set one up! As long as you send emails to your people, that’s fine)

Little & Often beats Big & Once!

I hear you…

You want your biz to run like clockwork…

That it’s all automated and whirring in the background while you create and connect.

But don’t do it too early or you’ll sink a tonne of cash and time for very little return.

It’s totally ok to do manual.

You’re not a tech dunce, you’re just not ready for the Big Guns tech… yet.

And that is totally ok.

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