Hell Yeah Website Care

Let’s make sure your website is rock solid. Cos drinking gin at 3am while sobbing into the Kleenex is not happening to you, ever, OK?

Your website has taken its place in the Internetverse. It’s up and running, and although it was a labour of love (not to mention countless hours of confused Googling), it’s DONE.

Can we all get a WOO YAY here?

You’re now happily networking, telling your perfect potential clients that you penned a blog post just for them.

It’s plain sailing now. You have a peaceful sense of ease. You feel balanced, harmonious. You’re taking on those clients and seeing the money starting to come in. Ker-ching!

This would all be fluffy kittens and unicorn rainbows if it wasn’t for one little cloud threatening to piss on your chips.

Website maintenance.

Unsexy and dullsville as it is, keeping your site up to date, means it’s less likely to disappear. Less likely to get hacked. Less likely that you will find yourself trying to bring back your dead website at 3 am while sobbing into the Kleenex and eyeing up the gin.

So you go check it out online. “How hard can this be?” you ask yourself. You’re a smart cookie, you can figure this out. You handle Ikea flat pack with aplomb, this will be OK too.

You slap on a few YouTube vidz and soon get overwhelmed with all the information that always seems to be changing. The details make your head spin. You worry about missing a step and opening up a whole world of techie pain. The result? Brain freeze and no idea where to start.

Wouldn’t it be fab to just hand this brain f*ck over?

Hi, I’m Jenn. I’m a total tech head. I do rock solid tech that works for ravishing humans who are ready to shake things up and make a dang difference.

I make the tech side run smoothly. T’s crossed and i’s dotted. Secure WordPress website. Nothing falling through the cracks. All those tiny tech details vanished from your plate.

The Jenn in their natural habitat – configuring systems and checking the tech.

Hell Yeah! How does that work?

Meet Hell Yeah Website Care

This sweet package does all your WordPress updates for you, takes regular backups, checks your site for speed and security and makes optimizations to keep it secure and fast, plus reports in on your website’s healtth.

The Result?

Your hands are freed up from mithering about in your back end. You no longer have to read confusing error messages. You know the chance of you encountering website outages is drastically reduced.

Jenn is quite literally has been the answer to my prayers. I can do some basic web tech things but honestly, the stress I would feel updating my site in making sure things were working was taking the joy out of my online work. When Jenn took over everything changed. I never, ever worry now. Never.

Susan Seale


Over the years, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears of frustration, I’d managed to acquire a basic knowledge of how to edit my website but tech is definitely not in my zone of genius.

What a relief to hand it all over to a true expert who genuinely loves this stuff!

Now I can relax and get on with the work I love to do, knowing that Jenn has my back if anything goes awry.

Linda Anderson

Tap Into Your Success

It’s a weight off my mind to know that Jenn is keeping my website safe and up to date. leaving me free to concentrate on the creative elements of my business. If you want to be confident that the tech side of your business is taken care of I highly recommend having Jenn on your team!

Lucy Eckley

Build Your Brand Story

Hell Yeah Website Care at a glance

Full site backups

Daily cloud back ups of your website, stored separately from your hosting, so you’re never going to lose a thing.


Core, Theme and Plugin Updates

All website updates done for you, and rolled back in the event of problems (no more “Error 500 please bang your head on your keyboard” messages. 

Speed checks and Optimizations

Your site loading fast and all the tech tweaks to keep it that way.


Security checks and Optimizations

Your site monitored and any security loopholes closed down.


Website Health report

Clear, easy to view snapshot of your website’s health. Written in English instead of technobabble.

Sounds great, how much?

How do we get started?

Our first step is to hop onto a 20-minute call to go through all the details and double-check this is right for you. Click the button below to pick your time.


I have a Wix/Squarespace/Weebly/Kajabi site. Can you help?

Sorry, not with this. WordPress websites only

So this is for self hosted WordPress only, right?

Yes. WordPress self hosted sites only. If your website is on WordPress and the website address is yourdomain.com, this is for you.

If your website address is yourdomain.wordpress.com, then I can’t provide the support.

What if I get an URGENT EMERGENCY!!!????

This isn’t the service for you. I don’t offer support, fixing or emeregency restores. If that’s what you need, please see WPBuffs instead.

Go to WP Buffs Website

Note the above is an affiliate link. For details of my affiliate policy, see here

Doesn't my web host back up my site?

​Some don’t. Please don’t assume your hosting company will have a back up of your website.

Some do, but getting a restore done is a series of very confusing hoops to jump through. If you need your site restored, the chance of you feeling calm enough to tackle this is slim to none.

Even if they do, what happnens if they lose your backup file? Or go bust and take all your backups with you? Keeping your back up files in the same place as where you have your website is terrible IT practice. It’s like keeping all your holiday cash in one wallet. If that gets stolen, you’re skint.

This care package stores your back ups outside of your hosting so if disaster struck at your hosting company, your website is safe.

What do you mean by "Updates?"

WordPress websites are made up of three main areas. There’s WordPress itself, which is the files and codes and scripts and technical wizzardry that makes your site able to appear on the internet. There’s the theme, which governs exactly how it looks. Then there are the plugins, which do extra bits of work on your website, like make contact forms appear on your site and enable you to do things like take payments.

All of these are pretty much software in their own right. And as life trundles on, they need updating. Think of it like self care for software. Sometimes we need a new outfit, or a trip to the sea to walk on the beach, or a good chat with our mates. Your website needs its self care too, and that’s basically what updates are.

I can just ask my mates if my website loads slowly, right?

I love a good 90s revival night. Bung on 808 State, Orbital and The Prodigy and I’m in there like swimwear. Not so much for 90s dial up internet speeds, and when I come across a website that takes me back there, I’m out.

Figuring out if your site is slow can be a daunting task. You can ask all your friends on Facebook, but some will say it’s fine, others a bit slow, some just won’t respond. How fast or slow it is for them can depend on their internet conenction and what they’re using to view your site. Maddy who saves all her files to her Desktop is going to have a slower laptop than Clara who sets time aside to do her laptop filing and empty her recycle bin weekly.

​​The performance check grades your site, so if it starts to plummet we can take action to get it back on track. Also – sometimes a drop in performance can indicate a security issue.

Will I be 100% safe from hacks?

Nobody can guarantee you that (not without either lying or charging you a heckofalot).

With Hell Yeah Website Care, in the unlikely event a hack occurs, it’ll be cleared and your site restored. All included in the service.

Am I tied in for a specific time?

Nope – this is month by month, you can cancel anytime. If you do decide to cancel, your support period will run until the end of that current month.

I have another question that's not covered here.

And I’d love to answer it. You can either email me at jenn@hellyeahtech.com or book in for a chat about how this works here.

How do we get started?

Book a private call with me here and we can discuss all the details

My final word on this …

Of course, you can always search on Google, Facebook  and YouTube instead. Hours later you may have some of the answers – but how do you know they are the best solutions for you?

By getting my support, you save yourself time, money + energy – and future headaches.

You are freed up to do the work you love. What would you create, given more time + freedom?